ITC Special Interest Group (SIG) on Information Centric Networking (ICN)

Information Centric Networking (ICN) or Content Centric Networking (CCN) is based on the principle that users are interested in obtaining content and are agnostic as to how or from where it is delivered and has emerged in recent years as a promising candidate paradigm for the future Internet architecture. Although existing and popular approaches such as P2P systems and CDNs also provide a user interface that is based on the name of the desired content, they depend on a name-to-location translation function in the network to then find a path to the requested content. While these systems reduce the burden on the user to know the location of the content, they still impose considerable limitations on the services that may be built on top of them. E.g., Publish/Subscribe services and the ability to query the information repository for a piece of content are still the responsibility of servers and end-systems, which poses scalability and efficiency challenges. ICN is expected to exploit the network capability for information delivery services. Below is a summary of some of the activities in which SIG members have been active in and some activities that would take place in the near future.

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