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Advanced Topics in Mobile Communications (AToMIC)

Summer 2009


Time: Friday, 10.00 - 12.00
Place: IfI 3.101
Workload/Credits: 4 SWS, 6 ECTS credits
Module: CS M.inf.607: Seminar Telematik III (Master, Kerninformatik Wahl); Bachelor Students on inquiry
Instructors: Xiaoming Fu, Fang-Chun Kuo, Jun Lei
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Course Overview

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss some advanced concepts in wireless and mobile networks. The material in the seminar, drawn mainly from the research literature, will be presented in a bottom-up fashion. Challenges and an introduction to basic and fundamental issues (such as Internet principles, mobile networking and wireless networks basis) are presented first, to form the foundation for further discussion. This is followed by discussions of more advanced topics in mobile wireless networks, including wireless mesh network, vehicular/mobile networks and delay tolerant and opportunistic networks.

Requirement of Engagement

  • Each participant is required to read the selected paper before the seminar and prepare the review of the paper, which should include the following parts:
    • Summary of the paper
    • pros and cons of the paper (your conclusion)

    NOTE!! Every participant should provide the paper review BEFORE the seminar. => Download the form

  • During the seminar, one is chosen for giving the overview of the paper. And the list of pros and cons is discussed by all the participant.
  • In the end of the semester, everyone is requested to pick a paper and prepare:
    • presentation (each for ~20 minutes, plus ~10 minutes discussions)
    • essay (12~15 pages)


  • 17.04 Introduction of the lecture
  • 24.04 session 1
  • 01.05 public holiday
  • 08.05 session 2
  • 15.05 session 3
  • 22.05 session 4
  • 29.05 session 5
  • 05.06 session 6
  • 12.06 session 7: paper selection for final presentations
  • 19.06 session 8
  • 26.06 session 9
  • 03.07 session 10: submission of slides for final presentations
  • 10.07 Final presentation I
  • 17.07 Final presentation II

Session Reading List

Related Materials

Paper List for Final Presentation/Report

    The list will be provided before 05.06 (session 6).

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