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Bangbang Ren

Please refer to my homepage to view my detailed information.

Dr. Abhinandan S. Prasad

Abhinandan S. Prasad was a PhD student at NET group during 2015-2018, afterwards he joined National Institute of Engineering in India as an assistant professor in computer science.

Dr. Mayutan Arumaithurai


Currently, I am working as an Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Göttingen, Göttingen. Apart from my individual research work, I have also the responsibility of preparing project applications, mentoring PhD candidates and Bachelor/Master students, teaching, conducting seminars, attending international conferences and handling industrial partners. I am currently working on projects pertaining to Cloud computing, Content Centric Networking and Congestion Control.

Dr Tao Zhao

I am a PhD researcher in Computer Network Group. My research interest contains data mining, machine learning, deep learning.