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EU proposal CODECO approved

EU proposal CODECO approved
July 25, 2022 - 4:48pm

The Horizon Europe project "Cognitive Decentralised Edge Cloud Orchestration" (CODECO) has been approved by the EU and will last 3 years, starting in January 2023. Coordinated by FORTISS, the project has an overall budget of 6.06 million EUROs from the EU and involves 16 partners including NET group at University of Göttingen (with a budget of 390 thousand EUROs), together with IBM Research Europe, Siemens, Telefonica, RedHat Israel, i2CAT, ATOSUPM, etc. With 6 use cases in the domains of Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, and Smart Buildings, CODECO is a cognitive, cross-layer and highly adaptive Edge-Cloud management framework with a unique orchestration approach that provides support for data management and governance decentralised data workflow; dynamic offloading of computation and computation status; and adaptive networking services. 

In this project among the other duties the NET group team will work closely with City Göttingen on developing the smart cities use case, including system development, deployment, data collection and analytics aspects, in collaboration with other project partners.

Recent News

Two papers by NET group members have been accepted by IEEE INFOCOM 2023: 
The paper "DAMA: Learning Delay-Aware Communication for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning", co-authored by Tingting Yuan, Hwei-Ming Chung and Xiaoming Fu has been accepted by the 
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) just approved a new project "Multimodal Knowledge Graph System for Structural Health Monitoring" where NET group is receiving appr.