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GreenICN project enthusiastically appreciated by an IEEE Spectrum article

GreenICN project enthusiastically appreciated by an IEEE Spectrum article
December 23, 2019 - 8:59pm
An original paper written by former PARC researchers Glenn Edens and Glenn Scott, "A Better Way to Organize the Internet: Content-Centric Networking", was published on March 23, 2017 in IEEE Spectrum:
“One project worth mentioning is the GreenICN research program, led by Xiaoming Fu of the University of Göttingen, in Germany, in conjunction with more than a dozen universities and companies. That program explores the use of new technologies, including PARC’s open-source CCN software, to create more robust networks to be rapidly deployed following a natural disaster. Fu and his colleagues took advantage of CCN’s ability to operate independently of any private network and better manage limited energy resources. The group demonstrated a prototype network in early 2016.”
So this IEEE Spectrum article (issue printed in April 2017) mentions our EU-Japan project GreenICN, which got accomplished in 2017 with the only “excellent” grading among all EU-Japan projects in the batch. 

Recent News

Prof. Xiaoming Fu, Professor of Computer Science and Head of Computer Networks Group at the University of Göttingen, was named a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery.
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